ADAPT to iTest Migration


Data Acquisition and Control System Upgrade

As a leading global provider of high-performance data acquisition and control systems, A&D Technology has introduced, in recent years, two products that have become successfully established for test automation in a number of industries: iTest and iConnect.

Both of these systems were developed by A&D Technology Inc. in the US and are globally supported. They have proven to be innovative and reliable products designed to meet current and future testing requirements. A&D Technology ensures that iTest and iConnect provide the functionality that has been valued by the customers using the legacy ADAPT and RedLine systems. As a result, many have already made the transition to iTest and iConnect and have not looked back!

ADAPT and RedLine have been very successful in the market for many years, but based on parts availability, A&D Technology has decided to discontinue these products effective March 31, 2016.

ADAPT End-of-Life Letter

Migrating an existing test system from one platform to another can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Existing applications and test definitions must be converted, new hardware may have to be installed and tested, and test cell operators need to be trained on the new system.

A&D Technology clearly understands that such a migration is a huge undertaking, and offers a number of services to assist with the conversion from ADAPT to iTest. Download our brochure for complete details on the services and migration paths offered, as well as the special campaign pricing currently available.

ADAPT to iTest Migration

Migration in a Nutshell

  • Three available migration paths
  • Engineering services support from full migration to specific areas of need
  • Specialized migration training enabling an in-house expert to perform the conversion
  • Review of existing I/O configuration for optimization of new iConnect channel count and distribution

iTest Advantages

  • Latest regulatory support such as 1065
  • State-of-the-art automation platform
  • Open system architecture allows for customization, expendability, and easy integration of test cell devices
  • Integration with iCentral provides comprehensive lab management capabilities
  • iConnect distributed I/O increases flexibility and reduces the risk of noise and interference often associated with extensive wiring

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