Real-World Emissions Testing Based on FTIR Technology


BOB-1000FT, a multi-component gas analyzer based on FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) technology, allows for highly accurate emissions testing. The BOB-1000FT is the only FTIR system optimized for use on-board, and includes integration of data from the ECU, weather data, GPS data and time-aligned video. The system allows for the continuous raw or diluted measurement of up to 30 gases at one sample detector with a sampling rate up to 5Hz. The BOB-1000FT is available for operation at vacuum or atmospheric pressure, allowing for a tailored approach to sample acquisition.

  • A single device, providing asynchronous measurement of up to 30 regulated and unregulated gases at one sample point
  • Durable design and vibration dampening for use on-board under “real world” conditions or in a test cell configuration (roll cabinet available), where it can be moved easily between cells
  • Designed to provide continuous measurement of undiluted or diluted vehicle exhaust for gasoline, diesel, CNG and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Low-cost operation due to drift-free calibrations and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Vacuum sampling system that allows for decreased absorption, a fast response rate (T10-90 - approximately 1.5 sec), and a lower consumption of the exhaust sample
  • A single device that measures all gasses imperative for emissions regulations as well as engine and catalyst calibration and development
  • Integrated data from vehicle ECU, GPS, Weather Data and video each time aligned to all emissions data
FTIR Spectrometer Specifications
Measuring Method FTIR
Measuring Component 24 Components standard, up to 30 optional
Application Gasoline/Diesel Direct
Dimensions Approximately 482(W) x 645(D) x 391(H)mm
Weight Approximately 40 kg
Operating Conditions 5-40℃, Relative Humidity 80% (non-condensing)
Sampling Frequency 1 Hz and 5 Hz (selectable)
Absorbance Spectrum 500-5000 cm-1
Spectral Resolution 0.5 cm-1
Optical Path Length 5.1 m
Gas Cell Volume 200 ml
Gas Cell Temperature 191℃
Detector Cooling Method MCT Liquid Nitrogen, 50 ml/h

System Performance
Response Time (T10-T90) 1.5 - 2.0 sec
Zero Drift 1.0% F.S./4 hrs=(±5℃)
Span Drift 1.0% F.S./4 hrs=(±5℃)
Repeatability 2.0% F.S.

For a complete list of specifications, including those for Sample Systems, Heated Filters, Gas Components and Detection Limits, download the following document:

BOB-1000FT Specifications

  • BOB-1000FT Datasheet
  • Introduces A&D Technology’s on-board, multi-component analyzer system, BOB-1000FT, which is based on the FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) technology and has been designed for the continuous measurement of undiluted vehicle exhaust under real-world conditions.

  • FTIR Editorial
  • Discusses Real-world vehicle exhaust analysis based on Fourier transform infrared technology, which is enabling powertrain engineers to reap many rewards when it comes to testing accuracy.

  • BOB-1000FT Specifications
  • The complete specification sheet for the BOB-1000FT On-board Multi-Component Analyzer System.


  • Low-cost ownership due to drift-free calibration and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Vacuum sampling method allowing for a faster response rate (T10-90<1.5 sec), and a lower consumption of the exhaust sample
  • Can be used for on-board testing under "real world" conditions and also in a test cell environment where it can be moved easily between cells
  • Excellent correlation with conventional analyzer systems

Standard Features

  • Differentiated measurement of NO, NO2, N2O, CO, CO2, CH4, NH3, hydrocarbons, alcohols and carbonyls
  • Sample acquisition rate up to 5Hz
  • An advanced cross-interference compensation routine, significantly minimizing the influence of water and other interfering gasses
  • High-altitude Pressure Control system, enabling testing to altitudes of up to 4,000 meters (optional)
  • Selectable sample line, heated filter and cell temperatures
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements specified for FTIR Measurements by US EPA, ASTM, ISO and Euro VI HDD
  • Methods of measurement include continuous raw, continuous dilute or diluted bag
  • Designed for use in harsh environments, including extreme vibration (see video below for an example)

Image/Video Gallery

BOB-1000FT (PEMS) BOB-1000FT On-Board Test