High-Accuracy Emissions Measurement


The future of engine emissions measurement must account for more innovative after treatment devices, the introduction of alternative fuels, and the ability to simultaneously measure a multitude of different gas components. Over the last decades conventional analyzer systems have been tailored to measure regulated gases. Adding the ability to measure non-regulated gases is difficult and expensive. Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS) are similar to conventional analyzer systems, but as these systems are used under real-world conditions, they are exposed to vibrations caused by the roads or the terrain on which the vehicle is tested. In order to overcome the vibration issues, most of these systems use garage-type NDIR analyzers for CO measurements, limiting the ability to accurately measure low CO concentrations. For measuring NO/NO2, PEMS usually utilize NDUV=type analyzers that use a completely different measurement principle than the commonly-used CLDs.

A&D Technology’s highly accurate FTIR systems are the ideal solution for today’s and future emissions testing requirements, specifically addressing all of these concerns by:

  • Using identical technology for measuring exhaust emissions in the test cell environment or under real-world conditions
  • Measuring up to 40 gases simultaneously with one detector
  • Providing optimized gas analysis methods for different fuel types, including Gasoline, Diesel, CNG and other alternative fuels

Test Cell Emissions Measurement

BEX-1000FT is a highly accurate multi-component gas analyzer system for raw or dilute measurements of up to 40 gas components. The system operates at vacuum pressure substantially reducing the amount of required exhaust sample and providing a much faster response. Low total cost of ownership and excellent correlation with conventional analyzer systems for regulated gas components make the BEX-1000FT the right choice for future R&D emission measurement concerns.

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Real-World PEMS Emissions Measurement

BOB-1000FT is an FTIR analyzer system optimized for high precision, real-world emissions measurement of up to 30 gases at a data scan rate of 5Hz. The system allows for the integration of data from the vehicle ECU, GPS data and can incorporate time-aligned video. While providing provisions for on-road vibration it offers the same system specifications and accuracy as a test cell FTIR.

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