Three Component Force Sensor for Tire Footprint



The A&D Force Matrix Sensor (FMS) is used to measure the forces acting in the tire-road contact patch in all 3 directions (Fx, Fy, Fz) at high speed and with high accuracy. The FMS includes a series of a tri-axial load cells embedded in a base plate. The base plate is installed flush with the road surface. As the tire drives over the FMS, tire footprint forces are measured and recorded using A&D’s high-speed data acquisition & processing unit.

  • Individual force cells have an area of 7.5mm x 7.5mm giving high resolution to analyze tire tread patterns
  • Can be mounted on indoor machines or outdoors on the road surface
  • Operable under rainy conditions (drip proof)
  • Up to 96 individual FMS units can be combined to provide measurement over a larger surface area
  • Signals can be synchronized with on-board vehicle measurements
  • 100ksps simultaneous sampling from all channels
  • Maximum test speed of over 200 km/hr
  • Nominal pressure range: 127 psi (8.8 bar) for Fx and Fy, 254 psi (17.6 bar) for Fz
  • Allowable load: 300%

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