LabScheduler Tool for Test Schedule Management


Time is a precious resource in today's test lab, so the more activites that can be automated, the better. LabScheduler is a component of LabCentral that manages the test request process from the inital request all the way through to the final result.

LabScheduler allows an engineer to submit a test request, which is then managed by lab personnel through to fulfillment. Throughout the process, LabScheduler triggers personnel who have an action to perform, and provides feedback to the original test requester.

The requester uses LabCentral to initiate the request, which should include both the parts to be tested and the processes that should be used. These items can either be picked from existing lists, or added at the time the test is being requested.
Once a request is submitted, it enters the scheduling and approval process. The original requester will receive email notifications at each stage in the process so that he can follow the progress through the lab.

An approved test is forwarded to the scheduler to be added to the queue for the appropriate test station. Feedback is available as the test is running via a Test Request display or standard LabCentral dashboards. Once a test is complete, all data and reports are uploaded to the project in LabCentral and accessible via a link in the request or normal LabCentral search methods.


  • Manage, approve, create and view test requests
  • Assign tests to workstations remotely via LabCentral
  • Keep the test requester in the loop via automated emails throughout the process
  • Prevent test requests from being queued onto stations that do not have the correct equipment to execute the defined test
  • When combined with the other LabCentral applications, provides a complete test management solution for all aspects of the process, including:
    • Users
    • Specimens
    • Test process definitions
    • Test result data

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