LabWorX Centralized Laboratory Information Management System

Are you struggling with any of these issues?

  • Searching through the multiple gigabytes of data your test cells generate every day looking for specific information
  • Losing valuable time because a fault caused your test to stop running during the night, but you didn’t know until the next morning
  • Spending many tedious hours manually tracking test cell utilization
  • Dealing with a separate spreadsheet for every test running in your lab
  • Trying to develop or find a lab management system that will accommodate the variety of test systems in your lab
  • Being asked to reduce costs, but increase lab output at the same time

LabWorX addresses all of these issues and more, providing solutions for central data storage and retrieval, utilization tracking, unattended 24/7/365 operation, and the integration of any test system.

Centralized Server

LabCentral is the key component in A&D’s lab management solution, providing centralized storage and test system utilization tracking, as well as live monitoring of any system through configurable dashboards.

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Automated Notification and Response

LabMinder is an automated notification and response system that allows for 24/7/365 unattended operation. The system can be configured to provide specific responses when certain errors occur, and designated personnel are notified of significant events by text or email.

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Automated Reporting

LabReporter is an automated report generation tool that provides centralized report configuration management. Reports and calculations that at one time had to be configured and generated manually at each test system can now be run automatically.

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Automated Test Scheduling

LabScheduler is an add-on to LabWorX that automates the test request process from the initial request through to the results.

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Mobile Access

LabApp is a user interface optimized for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Test System Interface

iView is an open interface that seamlessly integrates any test system with LabWorX

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Test System Interface for non-PC systems

iViewBox is an open interface that seamlessly integrates any test system not compatible with iView with LabWorX

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LabWorX Brochure

An overview of the LabWorX components and their features