Procyon: The Ultra-High-Performance Simulation and



Procyon is A&D Technology's next-generation high-speed real-time simulation and control platform. The open and configurable system architecture supports multiple CPUs with multiple cores and user-programmable FPGAs, as well as HyperTransport, PCI Express and conventional PCI interconnections.

  • Advanced processing technology
  • Multi-core/multi-CPU support (up to 32-core system with 8 AMD Opterons)
  • Direct connection of I/O interface to CPU
  • Application development environment
  • Real-time application development environment with MATLAB/Simulink and VirtualConsole
  • Open System
  • Open system specification enables third-party I/O board development
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Third-party I/O boards supported on the Procyon backplane: PCI, PCI Express, HyperTransport
  • Supports ncHT & cHT FPGAs

    • Xilinx - Virtex 6
    • Alterra - Stratix 4
  • Closed-loop analog control capabilities

    • CPU resident model = <10µS
    • FPGA resident model = -5µS
  • Closed-loop digital control capabilities

    • CPU resident model = -5µS
    • FPGA resident model = -2µS

  • Procyon Datasheet
  • Provides information, features, and system specifications for the Procyon Simulation and Control Platform.

Sample Applications

  • Distributed processing and control
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Real-time NVH and combustion data acquisition, processing and analysis
  • Advanced research and development
  • Wheel slip applications
  • Shift simulation