Rotational Torque Sensor (RTS)


The AD7832 Rotating Torque Sensor (RTS) leverages A&D's experience in distributed force detection, high-speed telemetry and digital signal processing technology to enable non-contact torque measurement at high-speed with high resolution. With certain models, rotational speed and angle can also be measured.


  • Dual range capability, where the full scale can be reduced to 1/5 of the rated capacity with the same accuracy.
  • Uses distributed force detection technology to achieve high accuracy.
  • Withstands torsion and bending, as well as severe radial and thrust load conditions

Typical system configuration for torque, speed and angle measurement


Dual Range Models
AD7832B-200D1 200/40 Nm 12,000 rpm
AD7832B-500D1 500/100 Nm 12,000 rpm
AD7832B-1KD1 1K/200 Nm 12,000 rpm
AD7832B-2KD1 2K/400 Nm 10,000 rpm
AD7832B-5KD1 5K/1 KNm 10,000 rpm


Standard Models
AD7832B-200 200 Nm
12,000 rpm
AD7832B-500 500 Nm
12,000 rpm
AD7832B-1K 1 KNm
12,000 rpm
AD7832B-2K 2 KNm
10,000 rpm
AD7832B-5K 5 KNm
10,000 rpm





  • Enables non-contact torque measurement at high speed with high accuracy using distributed force detection technology
    • Nominal torque: 200, 500, 1K, 2K, 5K Nm
    • Combined error: 0.03% full scale
    • Maximum speed: 12000rpm /10000 rpm
  • Dual range option - full scale at 1/5 the rated capacity
  • Non-contact sensor based on high-speed telemetry technology
  • Total digital control from high-speed digital response
  • Model-based calculations


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