compactADX AD7011-EVA


The AD7011-EVA is a Linux computer with diversified array of inputs and outputs, including ADC (Analog-Digital-Converter) and DAC (Digital-Analog-Converter), which are necessary for measurement and control. You can create control programs using The MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink or C-language (Eclipse) and create GUIs and console screens by drag-and-drop with A&D's AD-VirtualConsole (bundled software). You perform a series of operations on a Windows PC and then transfer your work to the AD7011-EVA. The AD7011-EVA includes S-function programs (driver software) for all equipped input-output interfaces as standard so you can get to work quickly.

The AD7011-EVA comes equipped with an i.MX31 with an ARM1136 core processor, a Linux OS with a real-time extension (Xenomai) and a ZigBee module (option) for wireless communication.

Create control programs with MATLAB/Simulink

You can create model-based control programs on a Windows PC using MATLAB/Simulink (Required software: MATLAB2007b series or later, MATLAB, Simulink, and Real-Time Workshop). Trial versions of MATLAB, Simulink and other software can be downloaded from The MathWorks website.

AD7011-EVA Specifications

GUI Design Tool

  • Easily design your own control console screens on a host PC (Windows PC)
  • Choose and place diversified parts (e.g.switches, signals, etc.) to create various console screens
  • Console screens are created using drag and drop operations
  • Personalize the color and size of screen parts
  • Associate definitions with the control program/run the control program and console screen together