iTest Test System Automation Platform

Testing applications vary greatly, from simple component testing to complex systems such as e-motor hybrid test stands that include simulation and calibration.  The test automation requirements for these systems also vary. In most cases these systems need to integrate and acquire data from a variety different types of measurement devices from different vendors, all while following a defined test schedule.



The iTest test system automation platform addresses the full range of testing applications:


A complete development environment for testbeds with the most challenging needs, such as certification and R&D tests running transient schedules, and tests involving simulation.


Ideal for durability, end-of-line and lower level R&D testing, typically involving steady-state or ramped modal test cycles.



Specifically targeted for test systems running simple, repetitive sequences (e.g. on/off) usually found in component or end-of-production-line quality testing.


With more than a thousand installations world-wide, iTest has a proven record of robustness and reliability. The full-featured, open architecture system is readily expandable. And, since iTest.Pro, iTest.Lite and iTest.Micro are all based on the same platform, it is an easy transition to go from one to the other, with minimal learning curve. Third-party device manufacturers have successfully used iTest to develop controllers, and Automotive OEMs have implemented the system as the basis for their test automation.

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What's New in iTest 3.7?

  • Windows 10 RT support
  • ASAM MDF 4.1 data file format support
  • Python scripting support
  • New Help system with improved search function
  • New editors, including Intellisense support
  • Online build capabilities
  • Drag-and-Drop channel assignment from FlexEdit
  • Improved Cut-Copy-Paste within panels
  • FlexEdit Hotkey normalization

Download the iTest 3.7 What's New Flyer



  • Engine dynamometer
  • Chassis dynamometer
  • Hybrid electric
  • Battery component testing
  • Transmission drive line
  • Hydraulic test systems
  • Fuels & lubes
  • Durability
  • R&D
  • Certification

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