iView Test System Interface to LabWorX


iView is a key component in an integrated lab management system. It enables test systems to integrate with server systems such as LabCentral and LabMinder. iView comes packaged by default with iTest-based test systems and is available with a plugin kit to integrate with other test systems as well.

iView as part of A&D’s LabWorX solves the following needs of a lab:

  • Provides a single, consistent interface for the LabCentral servers to connect to a test system
  • Provides an out-of-the box integration with all PC-based test systems
  • Provides a plug-in interface to integrate with third-party test systems
  • Keep use of network resources as small as possible by integrating services that would otherwise have to transmit large amounts of information to the servers (e.g. LabMinder Agent handles most of the monitoring functions itself)
  • OS Support

    • Windows XP (32 or 64-bit)
    • Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Disk space

    • ~50MB for application
    • More needed during runtime for queuing data
  • Ports needed

    • Default port 80 for communication to/from iCentral (port is configurable)
    • Also need SMB/CIFS port open to copy files to iCentral Upload share
  • iView runs as a 32-bit process on the test system

    • Uses credentials of user who started it


  • Provides a single, consistent interface for test systems, regardless vendor
  • Most required services run within iView (read/write to channel, execute a procedure, etc), providing a simple test system interface

What's New in iView 4.0?

  • iView Level2 - view test systems not directly connected to LabCentral
  • iView for Engineers - share information between your PC and test systems connected to LabCentral
  • iView for INCA - combines ASAP3 high-speed server with iView web interface
  • Cloud support - allows LabCentral to be on the other side of the firewall