Transmission Development


The intense focus on improving fuel economy and reducing emissions has brought vehicle transmissions under increasing scrutiny. As the component which converts the rotational torque from an internal combustion engine to motive force, the transmission plays an important role in reducing fuel consumption. Many improvements in economy, emissions reduction, and performance can be obtained by improving vehicle transmission operation. The advancement in electronic controls, multiple gear ratios and hybrid-electric drivetrains have all combined to make the transmission the most complex component in the vehicle.


Whether the application is for a conventional transmission or for the latest generation of hybrid electric drivetrains, there are an overwhelming number of control and feedback elements which must be monitored or simulated. Coordinating communications between engine and transmission controllers requires sophisticated, high-speed processing and closed loop control systems. Simulation of the changes in torque demand when shifting gears or turning a corner can only be performed by complex, high-performance test systems.

The A&D Solution

With a complete line of synchronous and asynchronous low-inertia dynamometers and a family of high-performance AC drive systems, A&D Technology can design a wide variety of transmission test systems. In addition to drives and motors, our Andromeda and Procyon simulation tools have the computing capacity and high-speed communications channels required to implement highly complex simulation scenarios.

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