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Dual-Loop Dyno Controller

A&D’s Dual-Loop Dyno Controller is an industry standard, with over 700 Installed Globally. Our dual-band Dyno Controller will replace your existing system and integrate without issue. If you’re looking for an AC dyno or an Eddy Current Dyno, contact A&D. We have the solutions for you!

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Dual-Loop Dyno Controller by A&D

Over 700 Installed Globally


  • Compatible connections to existing system
  • Auto-switching between dynamic and static PID’s
  • Rackmount LCD touch panel
  • Multiple communication options:
    • Modbus
    • Profibus
    • EtherCAT
    • Discrete I/O
  • 100Hz real time control

Visualization module:
A large LCD touchscreen to set/display information for measurement & control.

Native digital conditioning:
Speed & torque are directly conditioned by the rack (load cell & torquemeter), which allows for accuracy and resolution to be maximized.

Available operating modes:
Several control modes (N/%, N/T, N/X, RLS, etc.) covering all kinds of applications from engine test bed to tandem dyno.

Available hybrid options:
0-10V Outputs for feedback of speed, torque and power.
0-10V Inputs for setpoint external definition (speed, torque, load…)
Digital inputs/outputs for alarm signals

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A&D's Dual-Loop Dyno Controller

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