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GSIL (Simulation Tool for Onboard ECUs)


GSIL is a simulation tool for development of onboard ECU software.
Software development can be started from the early development phase when there is no hardware.


  • Supports the building of a CI (Continuous Integration) environment where applications are developed, executed, and verified on a PC.
  • Links with Simulink models.
  • Supports automated testing functions.
  • Allows verification of performance and timing.
  • Test cases can be reused between SIL and HIL.
  • Helps OEMs and suppliers create an easy simulation environment.
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HIL Simulation

vECU Generation

  • Generates multiple vECU’s (Virtual ECU) and run them concurrently on Windows.
  • Compiler support for MSVC and GCC.
  • Generates stubs to automatically resolve link errors.
  • vECU functions can be converted to S-functions and executed in Simulink.
  • Can be debugged in Visual Studio.
  • Enables extraction and initialization of signal information from DCM/A2L files.

Links with iTest

  • Each signal can be monitored and edited on iTest front end GUI software tool.

CSV File Input/Output

  • Inputs/outputs each signal for each simulation step to a CSV file.

Automated Testing

  • Creates arbitrary test cases with Python scripts to support automated testing.

vCAN Generation

  • Enables CAN communication between software based on CANDB.
  • Enables communication with actual CAN by using Vector tools.

Links with Simulink Models

  • Simulink models can be turned into dll and run on GSIL.
  • Support for co-simulations, integration of Simulink models and GSIL.
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GSIL is a simulation tool for development of in-vehicle ECU software. Software development can be started from the early development phase when there is no hardware.


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