The AD5436 is a high-speed measurement and control system that can be customized for a wide variety of applications. It addresses various systems requirements by combining multiple I/O boards and a CPU employing a Linux Real-Time Operating System. Its easily programmed using MATLAB/Simulink® models and A&D’s GUI-generating and experimentation support tool VirtualConsole.

After downloading compiled Simulink/Stateflow models onto the AD5436, it is possible to monitor and change parameters easily. The AD5436 has 14 programmable function keys and a touch-screen interface for stand-alone functionality. It can also be controlled via a Windows PC Ethernet connection and A&D’s VirtualConsole software. It is also possible to connect, modify, and operate multiple AD5436 units over a network for advanced applications requiring higher processing power or for distributed control.

Option Boards

  • AD5430-01 Universal A/D with single-ended, 16 channels
  • AD5430-02A Universal D/A with single-ended voltage output, 8 channels
  • AD5430-03 Digital I/O with 32 insulated photo coupler inputs and 32 insulated open collector outputs
  • AD5430-07 Thermocouple input (K, T, J)
  • AD5430-11 Six-axis motor control with encoder Input
  • AD5430-12A Timing detection board
  • AD5430-13 PWM I/O
  • AD5430-17 In-vehicle network
  • AD5430-18 Vehicle PWM
  • AD5430-20 100kHz, 8-channel A/D
  • AD5430-71 AUD Interface