Force Matrix Sensor

High-Accuracy Measurement Of The Distributed Forces Of A Tire On The Road

The A&D Force Matrix Sensor (FMS) measures the three component forces, longitudinal, lateral and radial, that occur where the tire contacts the road. A standard FMS unit consists of one row of 40 8mm sensors embedded in a base plate.Units can be added as needed for larger tires. The base plate is installed flush with the road surface. As the tire drives over the FMS, tire footprint forces are measured and recorded using A&D’s high-speed data acquisition & processing unit.

  • Individual sensors have an area of 8mmx 8mm for high-resolution tread pattern analysis
  • Can be mounted on indoor machines or outdoors on the road surface
  • Operable under rainy conditions (drip proof)
  • Units can be combined longitudinally and laterally as needed for testing tires of different sizes
  • Signals can be synchronized with on-board vehicle measurements

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