iTest.BTS Battery Test System

A&D Technology battery test systems are designed specifically for the development, optimization and validation of batteries, including the battery system components. Based on iTest, our flagship test automation platform, iTest.BTS includes proven drivers for seamless integration with best-in-class testing components, such as power process systems, air coolant systems, battery ECUs (BMS), chiller systems and environmental chambers. iTest.BTS triggers the measurement instruments and sub-systems to gather data to compile test results and generate standard test reports. Function, durability and performance tests are executed using standard iTest drivers.

  • Significantly improves test throughput by providing immediate feedback of test results used as setpoints in the current test
  • Enables safe and secure 24/7 unattended operation when coupled with integrated lab management system
  • Ensures error-proof testing through minimal programming changes
  • Convenient offline simulation for test development verification
  • Quick and easy installation with pre-configured instrument and test cycle modules (system is typically fully operational in less than two days)
  • Fully integrated lab and data management systems
  • Open architecture for I/O hardware integration
  • 150+ existing interfaces to common third-party measurement instruments
  • Integrated reporting package provides reports at the test cell or remote location
  • Expandable with lab growth