iViewBox – Interface For Non-PC-Based Test Systems

An integrated lab management system is an indispensable tool for addressing the challenges of today’s lab manager. Central­ized data storage and retrieval, automated reporting, and a single interface to all the test systems in the lab significantly increase efficiency. But what about those test sys­tems that for various reasons are difficult to integrate?

iViewBox is A&D’s solution for connecting test systems that are not compatible with iView to the LabWorX lab management sys­tem. These include any non-Windows systems, and those with embedded con­trollers, such as temperature chambers and component systems.

Like iView, iViewBox is configured and con­trolled through LabCentral. It monitors and controls test systems through built-in dis­crete I/O or the included CAN port, and can be extended with a variety of FieldIO mod­ules (Analog, Digital, Thermocouple and Frequency). Systems can include as many as 100 discrete I/O channels, and 100 input or output data items on the CAN bus.

The standard iView functions that are sup­ported by iViewBox include dashboard monitoring, dashboard remote control, uti­lization tracking, and diagnostic logging.

  • Provides a single, consistent interface for the LabCentral servers to connect to a test system
  • Provides an out-of-the box integration with all PC-based test systems
  • Provides a plug-in interface to integrate with third-party test systems
  • Keep use of network resources as small as possible by integrating services that would otherwise have to transmit large amounts of information to the servers (e.g. LabMinder Agent handles most of the monitoring functions itself)