Laser Ground Sensor (LGS)

Understanding vehicle behavior under real driving conditions is essential to optimizing the chassis and powertrain design.  In particular, the growing demand for improved fuel economy and driving comfort requires optimizing the balance and performance of the vehicle.

The Laser Ground Sensor (LGS), part of A&D’s Vehicle Measurement System (VMS), is a high-accuracy dynamic vehicle measurement sensor that collects speed and position data of a vehicle relative to the ground.  The LGS combines two speed sensors and three distance sensors.  The speed sensors, Laser Doppler Velocimeters, (LDV), measure the ground speed along two directions and tire rotation.  The LDV uses the Laser Doppler method, and is able to detect zero speed as well.   The Laser Displacement Sensors (LDS) measure the distance from the sensor to the ground to identify wheel height change during the drive.   Using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the slip, camber, pitch and roll angles can be determined using model-based calculations.

  • The LGS measures:
    • Wheel speed
    • Slip angle
    • Pitch angle
    • Camber angle
    • Effective tire radius
  • Measure vehicle body pitch by incorporating parallel link WPS
  • Bandpass optical filter to reduce solar noise
  • Median filter supports testing on rainy or snowy roads by reducing noise from water droplets
  • DSP controller available from A&D
  • Connects to CAN logger