Battery Test Systems

A&D’s Battery Test Systems, combined with our centralized lab management capabilities, provide a common interface for all your pack, module and cell testing needs, offering immediate efficiencies in test system utilization and data management.

Test Automation

Our iTest family of test automation systems provide a full range of capabilities, allowing you to purchase just the right solution for your application without having to overbuy.

Automated Calibration

Engine calibration can be a costly, time-consuming process, but A&D’s DoE-based automated calibration tool reduces the time required from months to days.

Combustion Analysis

The Phoenix family provides combustion analysis solutions for both in-cell and in-vehicle testing.

Lab Management

The LabWorX centralized lab management system enables lab managers and test engineers to monitor and manage the activity of multiple test systems from a single web interface.

Emissions Measurement

A&D’s high-accuracy FTIR systems provide solutions for both in-cell and on-road emissions measurement.

Model-Based Sensors

A&D brings over 30 years of experience in strain gauge technology and distributed force measurement to our line of high-accuracy model-based sensors for vehicle dynamics applications.

HiL Simulation Systems

Our high-speed real-time measurement and control systems, compatible with MATLAB/Simulink control models, are fully configurable for a wide range of Hardware-in-the-Loop and Rapid Prototyping applications.


A&D provides a full line of high-performance AC, Eddy Current and Permanent Magnet dynamometers to fit a wide variety of test cell applications, from durability, vehicle simulation and transient to high speed e-motors.

Dyno Controller

Tire Testing

A&D’s tire testing machines incorporate our model-based sensor technology and high-accuracy measurement capabilities to provide valuable insight into tire performance and behavior.