Vehicle Measurement System (VMS)

The A&D Vehicle Measurement System is a collection of embedded controllers and high-accuracy sensors acquiring synchronized vehicle dynamics test data under various real-world conditions. It is completely modular and scalable, and can be configured to include only the sensors required for a specific application. Third-party sensors can also be incorporated.

Some of the sensors that can be included are:

  • A&D Wheel Force Sensor (WFS) – obtain all three components of forces and moments acting on the wheels
  • A&D Wheel Position Sensor (WPS) – obtain the motion of the wheel in all six degrees of freedom
  • A&D Laser Ground Speed Sensor (LGS) – obtain dynamic pitch, camber angles, and side-slip angles
  • GPS Sensor – obtain latitude, longitude and altitude position of the vehicle
  • Inertial Sensor – obtain roll, pitch and yaw accelerations of the vehicle
  • Wind Sensor – obtain the direction of wind with respect to the vehicle, wind speed, wind temperature
  • In-vehicle Network – obtain information from vehicle ECU such as engine speed, throttle and brake information, current gear, coolant temperature, etc.
  • Temperature Sensors – obtain ambient, vehicle and tire temperatures

  • Calculation of road slope
  • Road coefficient of friction estimation
  • Road load coefficients estimation including on-road rolling resistance
  • Data for tire modeling
  • Vehicle parameter estimation
  • Vehicle benchmarking
  • Rapid control prototyping of vehicle controllers
  • Vehicle performance testing: torque vectoring, brake testing, hybrid powertrain testing, etc.

Measurement Parameter Sensor

Six-component Forces on wheel                    WFS

Rotational angle/rotational/speed                   WFS

Wheel Posture                                                 WPS

Wheel Rudder Angle                                        WPS

Vehicle Speed                                                  LGS

Tire Posture Angle                                            LGS

Tire Effective Radius                                         LGS

Driving Distan                                                    LGS

Vibration Under Spring                                    WPS

Vehicle motion                                                Inertial Sensor w/GPS

  • Yet to come