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Flat Belt Tire Test Rig (FBTR)

The A&D Flat Belt Tire Test Rig is an indoor tire force and moment testing machine. It allows the tire to be tested against a flat surface under dynamic conditions.

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Flat Belt Tire Test Rig
by A&D

The A&D Flat Belt Tire Test Rig is an indoor tire force and moment testing machine. It allows the tire to be tested against a flat surface under dynamic conditions. The flat surface is emulated by an electrically controlled belt-pulley assembly while the tire load is supported by an air bearing (for lower loads) or a water bearing (for higher loads) that is present under the belt.

This belt-pulley can generate slip-angle in a highly dynamic fashion. The tire stand itself is capable of changing the tire vertical load and camber angle during the test run. Speed of Belt and Wheel can be controlled independently in order to generate ±100% longitudinal slip. Forces and moments experienced by the tire are measured at a high sample rate using A&D’s 6-component spindle sensor mounted on the tire stand. The configuration, range and performance of the whole rig can be customized depending upon the intended application.

  • Six degrees of freedom enable various tire setups
  • Numerous safety features such as belt health monitoring and crack detection
  • Belt and tire fully driven by electric motors
  • Accurate steel belt control reproduces realistic road conditions
  • Compact size
  • Optional vertical vibration simulation
  • Load cell range: ±6.6kN (Fx, Fy), 12kN (Fz), ±4kNm (Mx, My, Mz)
  • Load cell accuracy: ±0.1%
  • Slip Angle actuation: ±20°, maximum speed of 50°/sec
  • Camber angle actuation: ±15°, maximum 5°/sec
  • Camber angle control accuracy: ±0.03°
  • Maximum vertical load 25kN
  • Maximum Tire Pressure: 500kPa
  • Maximum Tire Speed: ±1750rpm
  • Belt Speed: ±200 km/hr
  • Belt speed control accuracy: ±0.05m/s (no-load), ±0.14m/s (full-load)
  • Optional, tire vertical motion actuation: ±50mm, up to 30Hz, maximum speed of 300mm/sec
  • Optional, tire vertical motion control accuracy: ±0.1mm

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