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ECU & Engine HILS

Ideal platform for large-scale HILS systems and integrated HILS systems. If you’re looking for a HIL system (hardware in the loop testing), look no further than HELIOS by A&D.

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HIL System
hardware in the loop testing
hil system
hardware in the loop

Real-Time Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop with HELIOS HILS

Ideal platform for large-scale Hardware in the loop systems and integrated HILS systems

Vehicle systems are becoming more complex due to vehicle electrification, ADAS, and automated driving. For control development/verification, HILS corresponding to large-scale operations that use complex operations and third-party modeling tools for each functionality is needed. For example powertrain HILS (engine, transmission, battery, etc.)  and Body Integrated HILS (such as system HILS/vehicle environment/weather environment/steering stability) working as one system is required.

A & D provides a highly scalable HILS platform for linking multiple CPUs and multiple chassis.

The control I/O board is equipped with fail circuits on-board, and no external board is required for fault simulation.

All I/O boards are equipped with a self-diagnostics function as a standard. If a problem occurs during the self-diagnostics test, the user can isolate the cause. It can also be used for pre-use inspection.

The system has an operation time monitor function and can monitor software operation time and power-on time. It can be used to manage the HILS equipment operation time.

HIL System
hardware in the loop testing
  • CPU with powerful computing performance
  • Distributed computation with core partitioning and multi-nodes
  • Fast inter-node communication, low latency model synchronization
  • High scalability
  • Many options that enable the creation of a test environment in a short period of time
  • All-in-one design with integrated I/O and I/F for compact and low price
  • Integrated software platform with A&D test bench software (iTest)
  • Flexible configuration based on needs of system from small to large scale
  • I/O board lineupSelf-diagnostic and fail functions are standard on each board
Board name Function
ENG-IO Simulate crank and cam signals
Rotation synchronization signals (INJ / IGN / knock, etc.) measurement / output
ACT-IO Voltage / current measurement for solenoids, DC motors, etc.
SENSOR-IO Analog input/output
Analog voltage simulation/measurement for sensors, etc.
PLS-IO Pulse input/output
Simulation/measurement of various switches, pulse output sensors, etc.
(Duty cycle / On-Off / Solenoid measurement)
VB-SW VB power supply relay for ECU power (with voltage/current monitor)

* Expansion for SENT/CXPI communications is possible.


 Load Box

– The user can easily fix and wire the real loads and connect up to the ECU

– Safety functions (temperature monitoring function) during continuous operation
– Fixing loads corresponding to various shapes is possible

– Additional Load Boxes can easily be connected as needed.

Manual operation box

– HILS can be operated with a dial, slider and mechanical switch
– This option is available if system is easier to be run by a human rather than the provided GUI

Connector conversion box

– Connector box with appropriate connectors to go between the ECU and the HELIOIS unit can be    provided.
Negative pressure Box

– An ECU (with built-in atmospheric pressure sensor) can be placed in this box allowing testing for each atmospheric pressure condition.

– Atmospheric pressure conditions can easily be changed

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