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BMS Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing & Development


This is a HILS system to develop and verify the control logic of BMS (Battery Management Systems). It simulates the cell state of a battery using analog outputs that can be freely configured via  software (PC). The system can simulate from a small number of cells to 192 cells stacked in series to give a larger voltage.


Battery HILS can be used to develop and verify efficient control logic by eliminating issues when using real batteries, such as reproducing degraded battery conditions, long charging times, and safety.


A&D’s battery HILS provides a lineup of I/O cards necessary for developing and verifying the control logic of the BMS. It also supports third-party battery models. The system can be used immediately upon delivery through system construction engineering to model integration to connecting the BMS to the HILS.

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HIL Simulation
BMS Test

BMS Hardware-in-the-Loop
Testing & Development (BMS Test)

The testing of Battery Management Systems (BMS) with real Li-ion batteries can be costly and time consuming. Using a system such as A&D’s BMS Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) system will help shorten the development cycle of a BMS system. In addition to reducing the cost and time it also makes BMS testing more flexible and traceable, easier to reproduce and safer when testing beyond the normal range of battery operation. A&D has taken great care in developing state-of-the-art BMS Testing and HIL Simulation.


  • Simulate up to 192 battery cells
  • Expandable in increments of 12 cells
  • Multi-functional
    • Disconnect function
    • Voltage monitoring
    • Current measurement
    • Noise contamination (optional)
  • Supports modeling in Simulink®
  • Storage space for BMS available in rack

Multi-functional and Compact

  • Battery cell voltage output, cell voltage/current monitoring, disconnection, and noise superimposition are integrated into a dedicated battery HILS I/O board.
  • A single I/O board can simulate 12 cells. The number of cells can be expanded by adding additional boards (up to 192 cells).
  • System Size: 570 (W) x 1440 (H) x 850 (D) mm and can support up to 192 cells.
  • As the system is based on the HILS platform “HELIOS”, it supports various sensors, simulated switches, and communication functions.

Safe Design

  • Special storage area for the BMS provides safety from high-voltage parts.
  • Temperature monitoring inside the enclosure and overcurrent protection are provided for unattended continuous operation.


Ready to Use

  • Standard applications (Simulink model + operation GUI) with functions such as cell voltage setting and measurement is provided.
  • Provides system construction engineering from model integration to BMS connection.


Battery Model

  • Battery models from Nexty Electronics can be used.
  • Calculates battery status such as cell voltage, temperature, and charge rate by inputting load current to the battery model.
  • Any other custom Simulink based Battery Model can be integrated.

Specifications of Cell Voltage Simulator



Size (System Rack)

570 (W) x 1440 (H) x 850 (D) mm

Cell Voltage Output Range

0 to 5 V

Cell Voltage Output Accuracy

±1 mV

Cell Voltage Output Output Current

±200 mA

Cell Voltage Measurement Functions

0 to 5 V

Cell Current Measurement Functions

±200 mA range / ±20 mA range

Failure Simulation


Noise Overlap

Please contact us for detailed specifications.

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