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Integrated Management Tools for Testing and Equipment

LabWorX is a server application for integrated management of tests and test facilities.

It can be displayed and operated using a web browser, and can be managed in an environment away from the work site.
It can manage not only HILS but also bench systems and battery test systems. A cloud version is also available.

  • Remote monitoring of test equipment
  • Test Operation rate measurement
  • Test schedule management (LabScheduler)
  • Centralized management of measurement data
  • Automatic report generation
  • Convenient management with LabApp (mobile viewer), LabMinder (automatic notification), etc.

Fully Responsive

Lab Automation from anywhere.

LabWorX Functions:

Remote Monitoring of Test Facilities

The operating status of each facility (HILS, etc.) can be displayed in real time.
You can view a list of all facilities and a desktop capture for each facility.
In addition, you can run a HIL system, stop a HIL system, and so on.

Operation Rate Measurement

The operating / non-operating status of each facility is logged 24 hours a day, and can be displayed as an operating rate in a table or bar graph.

Test Schedule Management (LabScheduler)

Allows management of iTest’s Master Schedule (automated testing function).
The created Master Schedule data can be managed by the Lab Scheduler to schedule the execution timing.
The equipment to be used, the test data, and the start time can be set in advance, enabling efficient test operations such as continuous execution at night.
When the time comes, the test data is automatically downloaded to the target facility and executed automatically. After execution, the measurement data is stored on the server and can be checked later.

Centralized Management of Measurement Data

Centralized management of test data and measurement data. Data files can be searched and retrieved using a browser.
The search function is extensive and can be filtered by project, test ID, facility, etc., in addition to general items such as file name and generation time.
Reporting of measurement data is also possible.

Automatic Report Generation

Reports can be created automatically using the measurement data for verification.
By preparing report templates in advance, reports can be output immediately for validation.

Other Management Functions

LabApp (mobile viewer), LabMinder (automatic notification), etc., for more convenient management.

Solutions and Applications

iTest-VSA, ENG ECU Development, Battery ECU Development, Motor ECU Development


In the age of big data

Have it at your fingertips with LabWorX by A&D Technology

Learn more about LabWorX

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LabWorX Suite of products will transform a collection of test systems into one managed lab.

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