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Simulation & Control

Integratable, High-Speed, Real-time Systems


Simulation & Control


As vehicle designs become increasingly complicated, and product development schedules become more and more aggressive, conventional testing methods involving multiple physical prototypes are becoming far too time-consuming and expensive. Unexpected results along the way cause slips in schedules, increased costs, and potentially lead to products that fall short of initial design and market requirements.

A&D offers a variety of Hardware in the Loop and Software in the Loop solutions for simulation testing and development.


Real-time Simulation & Control (Lab)

Procyon is a high-speed real-time simulation and control platform, customizable for a diverse range of applications in a Lab Setting.

ECU & Engine HILS (Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation)

Ideal platform for large-scale HILS systems and integrated HILS systems.

(Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation)

BMS Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation (HILS) system will help shorten the development cycle of a BMS system.

Real-Time Simulation & Control (Portable)

ADX is a high-speed measurement and control system that can be customized for a wide variety of applications from any testing environment.


Simulation & Control

In order to remain competitive, many companies have adopted simulation-driven development processes. Simulation and modeling allows important decisions on functionality, structure, and trade-offs to balance competing objectives, such as reliability and cost, to be made long before a physical prototype is created. As a result, fewer of these prototypes are required, significantly reducing costs.


Adding simulation to the development process introduces numerous challenges, including:

  • Correlation – The main thing when adding simulation is ensuring that the simulation correlates with the physical system that you are replacing (e.g. for the given inputs, the simulation produces the same outputs as the physical system)
  • Latency – Part of the correlation challenge is latency. If a system includes both physical and simulated devices, then the simulation must run in real-time and produce its outputs with the same latency as the full physical system that it is replacing
  • Size – In order to create a simulation that correlates with the physical system, the simulation can become quite large – real-time system can be overwhelmed
  • Complexity – One solution to the size problem is to break the simulation into pieces and run them on different processors in parallel. This can solve the throughput problem, but introduces more complexity
  • Replaceability – The real-time systems used to run the simulation must have all of the I/O available to replace the physical systems


The A&D Solution

To address these challenges, A&D Technology offers a family of real-time platforms for the following:

  1.  Control algorithm prototyping
  2.  Hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  3.  Customized dedicated test systems
  4.  Production-intent system-on-modules (SOMs)
  5.  Turnkey engine control systems.

The various platforms are high-speed, real-time  systems that can be configured for a wide variety of applications. MATLAB/Simulink models run on a real-time Linux-based operating system, and can be downloaded and controlled from a Windows PC-based GUI generation and configuration tool known as  AD-VirtualConsole.


    Save time & money with A&D's test automation solutions, lab management software, rapid prototyping hardware, and HILS simulation systems for automotive and eMobility testing and development.

    We would love to talk to you to learn more about the scope of your test lab application and how we can help.

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