In-Vehicle Emissions Testing

BOB-1000FT, a multi-component gas analyzer based on FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) technology, allows for highly accurate emissions testing. The BOB-1000FT is the only FTIR system optimized for use on-board, and includes integration of data from the ECU, weather data, GPS data and time-aligned video. The system allows for the continuous raw or diluted measurement of up to 30 gases at one sample detector with a sampling rate up to 5Hz. The BOB-1000FT is available for operation at vacuum or atmospheric pressure, allowing for a tailored approach to sample acquisition.

  • A single device, providing asynchronous measurement of up to 30 regulated and unregulated gases at one sample point
  • Durable design and vibration dampening for use on-board under “real world” conditions or in a test cell configuration (roll cabinet available), where it can be moved easily between cells
  • Designed to provide continuous measurement of undiluted or diluted vehicle exhaust for gasoline, diesel, CNG and alternative fuel vehicles
  • Low-cost operation due to drift-free calibrations and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Vacuum sampling system that allows for decreased absorption, a fast response rate (T10-90 -approximately 1.5 sec), and a lower consumption of the exhaust sample
  • A single device that measures all gasses imperative for emissions regulations as well as engine and catalyst calibration and development
  • Integrated data from vehicle ECU, GPS, Weather Data and video each time aligned to all emissions data

  • Differentiated measurement of NO, NO2, N2O, CO, CO2, CH4, NH3, hydrocarbons, alcohols and carbonyls
  • Sample acquisition rate up to 5Hz
  • An advanced cross-interference compensation routine, significantly minimizing the influence of water and other interfering gasses
  • High-altitude Pressure Control system, enabling testing to altitudes of up to 4,000 meters (optional)
  • Selectable sample line, heated filter and cell temperatures
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements specified for FTIR Measurements by US EPA, ASTM, ISO and Euro VI HDD
  • Methods of measurement include continuous raw, continuous dilute or diluted bag
  • Designed for use in harsh environments, including extreme vibration (see video below for an example)
  • Low-cost ownership due to drift-free calibration and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Vacuum sampling method allowing fora faster response rate (T10-90<1.5 sec), and a lower consumption of the exhaust sample
  • Can be used for on-board testing under “real world” conditions and also in a test cell environment where it can be moved easily between cells
  • Excellent correlation with conventional analyzer systems

FTIR Spectrometer Specifications

Measuring Method FTIR
Measuring Component 24 Components standard, up to 30 optional
Application Gasoline/Diesel Direct
Dimensions Approximately 482(W) x 645(D) x 391(H)mm
Weight Approximately 40 kg
Operating Conditions 5-40°C, Relative Humidity 80% (non-condensing)
Sampling Frequency 1 Hz and 5 Hz (selectable)
Absorbance Spectrum 500-5000 cm-1
Spectral Resolution 0.5 cm-1
Optical Path Length 5.1 m
Gas Cell Volume 200 ml
Gas Cell Temperature 191°C
Detector Cooling Method MCT Liquid Nitrogen, 50 ml/h

System Performance

Response Time (T10-T90) 1.5 -2.0 sec
Zero Drift 1.0% F.S./4 hrs=(±5°C)
Span Drift 1.0% F.S./4 hrs=(±5°C)
Repeatability 2.0% F.S.

For a complete list of specifications, including those for Sample Systems, Heated Filters, Gas Components and Detection Limits, download the following document:

BOB-1000FT Datasheet

  • BOB-1000FT Datasheet

    Introduces A&D Technology’s on-board, multi-component analyzer system, BOB-1000FT, which is based onthe FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) technology and has been designed for the continuous measurement of undiluted vehicle exhaust under real-world conditions.

  • FTIR Editorial

    Discusses Real-world vehicle exhaust analysis based on Fourier transform infrared technology, which is enabling powertrain engineers to reap many rewards when it comes to testing accuracy.

  • BOB-1000FT Specifications

    The complete specification sheet for the BOB-1000FT On-board Multi-Component Analyzer System.