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We’re looking for some talented people. Know anyone?

Help us making testing better.

A&D Technology delivers integrated test lab management solutions and services to the transportation & energy markets for a wide range of applications, from engine and transmission development to vehicle electrification and hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

Come join our team and make a difference. We’re looking to improve how energy is used, leading to global advancements for small and large industries.

You can help.

Open Roles


Want to work with us? We hope so. Let’s learn more about you.


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Life at A&D

We keep a pretty laid back business casual environment. We want people that work at A&D to enjoy the company of others and collaborate in their roles. We believe strongly in the principle of “honmono” and try to incorporate these characteristics into our daily work life.

Here are a few characteristics we value… 

Perks & Benefits

We have clubs. We have events. Sometimes we drink beverages during the work day. People go out to lunch together, come back and collaborate. 

We want a good company culture and people that believe in enjoying their workday. If this interests you, become a part of our team!

Vision and Dental

Do you like to see? Do you enjoy your teeth or knowing that you will keep them. We provide Vision and Dental insurance for things associated with your face.

Targeted Bonus Program

We believe in bonuses. We work to hit targets each year and we expect to pay out each employee something extra. Truth.

Competitive Salary

We’ll get you paid a fair wage and we work to offer yearly cost of living increases.

Company Events

We do them. Sometimes it’s a cornhole tournament that goes on for weeks. Sometimes it’s just watching the game on our TVs with some beverages. Chili cook-off? We need more participants! 

Health Care

It’s nice to be healthy, but when you’re not, we’ve got you covered. Don’t worry, no SAG card here, we provide you with an insurance card that allows you to get treated. Crazy thought? Not really.

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Eddy Current Dyno Controller

A&D's Dual-Loop Dyno Controller

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