Employee Testimonials

Tad Blankenburg

Project Manager

“In 2007 A&D offered me the opportunity to join the company as a Project Manager.  Ten years later I am happy and grateful to still be part of an excellent organization with an exceptional staff, dedicated to continuous improvement and creating a great work environment.”

Rich Kovarik

Account Manager

“After 25 years as an Engineer in various roles, A&D Technology gave me the opportunity as an Account Manager and I accepted, I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career!  I am very happy to work at A&D Technology, great people, great organization.”

Sevin Dennis

Application Engineer

“There is never a dull moment working at A&D.
Every day brings a new experience, and there are great mentors here that really want to help and see you become successful.”

Mark Menge

Supervisor, Software Engineering

“I often think I have the best job in the world at A&D. My group supplies the software to test everything from internal combustion engines to electrical vehicle batteries to jet engines. It’s all very interesting and very challenging at the same time.  To meet these challenges, A&D hires talented and smart people with whom I enjoy working very much.”

Paula Blevins


I am very proud to be a member of the A&D team.  When I think of the letters A & D I think of Accepts & Delivers.  We are constantly striving to accept all new challenges and deliver on our promises, as an Estimator I know this first hand.  We value our reputation and lead by example with our customer service.  This makes it easy to stand behind your company when the overall attitude is the same.  The atmosphere is very laid back yet supportive and encouraging.  Great place to work with lots of perks!