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Service Offerings


At A&D, we know that our customers’ success is critical to our own.  Therefore, providing superior customer service, before and after the sale, is our highest priority. 

To help ensure that your equipment is running properly and efficiently, we offer a variety of services that will help minimize unexpected repairs and costly downtime.

Current Service Offerings

  • Safety Belt Software Protection Program – provides access to regular software upgrades and patches with the latest functionality and enhancements for a fixed minimum yearly cost, ensuring your system is always up to date. 
  • Service Plans – provides the security and convenience of having an existing service contract with A&D, which can be used towards repairs, spare parts, application development, etc. and are availble in flex-pay or pre-pay options.
  • Phoenix/CAS Hardware Calibration  – A&D recommends an annual calibration of Phoenix hardware. This calibration is performed at an A&D facility according to an NIST traceable standard.  Before the calibration, the technician will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the hardware and notify the customer if additional repairs are recommended.
  • Phoenix/CAS Rental – Need a combustion analysis system to meet your short term testing needs, A&D has you covered with the A&D Phoenix system.  Weekly & monthly rental periods available.
  • Charge Amp Verification Service – A&D suggests cleaning and adjusting the 1104CA charge amp annually to ensure accurate voltages and performance.
  • AC Dyno Preventive Maintenance – includes a comprehensive inspection, as well as a detailed report that will address any major or non-critical issues.
  • Dynamometer Vibration Analysis –yearly vibration reports will help predict and prevent bearing failure, and create a more favorable timeline for replacement. 
  • On-Site Calibration – includes a comprehensive inspection of your test system, calibration of pressure transducers, temperatures, load cell or torque flange, and a detailed report with calibration results and list of critical and non-critical issues, with proposed solutions.
  • Training Workshops – we offer training on all major A&D products with options for in-house and on-site training.

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