The iConnect I/O system provides synchronized data acquisition in a distributed test environment at high data sampling rates. Through its state-of-the-art design and open system architecture iConnect delivers high accuracy and stability, along with the ability to adapt to specific testing needs. The system can be easily expanded or scaled down, making unused I/O modules available for other test cells. This creates a laboratory environment where each test cell is equipped with an optimal set of I/O. Modules addressing specific needs can be added as needed.

The iConnect product line is broken down into two major groups:

iConnect.Pro is based on Gantner A/D conversion hardware and is generally higher precision and more configurable than the iConnect.Lite family

iConnect.Lite is a lower-cost option for standard applications requiring less configurability, and is generally intended to be paired with iTest.LA or iTest.Micro systems.

  • Can be scaled precisely to the actual test requirements, providing the highest level of flexibility and efficiency.
  • Large variety of available I/O modules, even for very specific needs.
  • I/O modules can be placed close to the sensors, substantially reducing the electrical noise and the required amount of wiring.