High Performance Real-Time Simulation System

Procyon is a high-speed real-time simulation and control platform, customizable for a diverse range of applications The open and configurable system architecture supports multiple CPUs with multiple cores as well as HyperTransport, PCI Express and conventional PCI interconnections

Procyon uses A&D’s VirtualDSPConsole as a visual front end for system monitoring and parameter setting. MATLAB/ Simulink is used for modeling and control development. Blocksets for the function boards are provided and can be easily integrated in the solution.

A&D HiL solutions based on Procyon perform the modeling, control, I/O and communication tasks all from the same platform. The tightly coupled virtual and physical systems ensure high speed, low latency and consequently high performance.

Typical Applications

  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation
    • Engine/Transmission in the loop
    • Battery Management system(BMS) in the loop
    • Vehicle in the loop
    • Traction Motor/Generator in the loop
    • Road Load Simulation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Advanced research and development
  • Wheel slip applications
  • Engine Torque Pulse Simulation.
  • Motor Simulation
  • Ability to run 3rdparty Simulink based Simulation tools including:
    • TruckSim,
    • CarSim
    • Autonomie
    • Lab
    • AmeSim
    • GT-Suite
    • CarMaker
    • Dymola
    • enDYNA and veDYNA

  • Multi-core/multi-CPU support (Can be extended up to a 32-core system with 8 Intel® Xeon® 3.5GHz processors)
  • Direct connection of I/O interface to CPU
  • Real-time application development environment with MATLAB/Simulink.
  • Open system.
  • Easy system setup and configuration
  • Model division among CPU cores and parallel processing.