iView Test System Interface To LabWorX

iView is the LabWorX’s common interface to all test systems in a lab. The functions in­clude setting and retrieving the value of all available data parameters, executing proce­dures on the test system, and uploading test data to LabCentral. Engineers and lab man­agers can view the operator’s display and read the logs, reports and data files stored on any connected test cell desktop. Test cell personnel can easily collaborate from remote locations to manage, monitor and troubleshoot all testing activities.

iView is standard with current A&D data acquisition packages, and plugins are avail­able for third-party systems. No special software or web development skills are re­quired to integrate with an existing plugin, making the system extremely easy to imple­ment and use. For added flexibility, displays can be customized to suit individual needs.

iView also offers three sets of web pages: View, for monitoring test cell activity, Ex­plore, for searching through files on the test cell PC, and Configure, for channel defini­tion.

  • Provides a single, consistent interface for the LabCentral servers to connect to a test system
  • Provides an out-of-the box integration with all PC-based test systems
  • Provides a plug-in interface to integrate with third-party test systems

Keep use of network resources as small as possible by integrating services that would otherwise have to transmit large amounts of information to the servers (e.g. LabMinder Agent handles most of the monitoring functions itself)

  • Provides a single, consistent interface with LabCentral servers
  • Out of the box integration with all PC-based test systems
  • Increases efficiency by allowing all test systems to be connected one lab management system
  • Queues data to upload in case of network problems
  • Simplifies integration via automated data upload without triggering the test system
  • Enforces data retention policy from server, keeping test systems clean of old data