LabReporter Automated Reporting Tool

Automation is critical to the efficiency and productivity of today’s test lab. Multiple gigabytes of data are generated every day, and manual retrieval and reporting activities can be very difficult and time consuming.

LabReporter is an automated report generation tool that provides centralized report configuration management. Reports and calculations that at one time had to be configured and generated manually at each test system can now be run automatically. All finished reports for the entire lab are stored in one central location, where they are immediately available for analysis.

  • Maximizes test operator time by eliminating the need for manually gathering data and configuring reports
  • Increases efficiency by providing immediate access to reports in a centralized location
  • Automatically processes data generated by test systems and stores in a central location
  • Uses A&D UniPlot as the default reporting package; others can be configured
  • Jobs can be generated at specified times, on demand, or manually
  • Standard reports available in multiple file formats, including .pdf, UniPlot IPZ and .csv