Phoenix CAS

The Phoenix Combustion Analysis Soft­ware (CAS) provides the ability to config­ure the system hardware based on the specific testing needs of the application. Using the acquired data, Phoenix CAS calculates all of the typical combustion parameters, including Indicated Mean Effective Pressure (IMEP), Heat Release and full Knock evaluation. The results can be viewed with customizable dis­play objects and stored in a variety of formats.

Built-in Combustion Calculations

  • Indicated Mean Effective Pressures (IMEP)
  • Misfire Detection
  • Full Knock Evaluation
  • Start and End of Combustion
  • Mass Fraction Burned and Heat Release
  • Peak Pressure and Location of Peak Pressure
  • Maximum Rise and Location of Maximum Rise Rate
  • Combustion Noise Level Evaluation
  • Ignition and Injection Timing
  • Ignition Delay

The Phoenix Combustion Analysis Software package, CAS, is the foundation of the Phoenix system. Phoenix CAS controls the Phoenix AM and Phoenix RT hardware modules, and performs combustion analysis on the acquired data. The software is easy to use and comes standard with the following features:

  • Rich set of display elements including oscilloscopes, gauges, tables, numerical and alarm indicators.
  • Post-test visualization and post-processing applications are included
  • Full statistical evaluation and reporting on recorded data
  • Data file export to Excel, MATLAB, MDF4 and AVL iFile