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Phoenix CAS

Combustion Analysis Software The Phoenix Combustion Analysis Soft­ware (CAS) provides the ability to config­ure the system hardware based on the specific testing needs of the application. If you’re looking for combustion software, look no further than Phoenix...
iTest Test Automation System

iTest Test Automation System

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ECU & Engine HILS Ideal platform for large-scale HILS systems and integrated HILS systems. If you’re looking for a HIL system (hardware in the loop testing), look no further than HELIOS by A&D. Detail Your Project Real-Time Simulation and...

Dynamic Patch Test Rig

Dynamic Contact Force Rig (DCFR) A&D’s Dynamic Contact Force Rig (DCFR) is the new standard in tire testing technology, which combines a fully dynamic tire test rig with tire patch measurement sensors.  Detail Your Project Dynamic Contact Force Rig (DCFR)...

Laser Ground Sensor

Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) The Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) is a high-accuracy dynamic vehicle measurement sensor that collects speed and position data of a vehicle relative to the ground. Detail Your Project Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) Understanding vehicle behavior under...

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Eddy Current Dyno Controller

A&D's Dual-Loop Dyno Controller

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