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Laser Ground Sensor

Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) The Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) is a high-accuracy dynamic vehicle measurement sensor that collects speed and position data of a vehicle relative to the ground. Detail Your Project Laser Ground Sensor (LGS) Understanding vehicle behavior under...

Wheel Position Sensor

Wheel Position Sensor (WPS) Wheel Position Sensor is a high-accuracy system that records tire position by gathering data measured against a reference point on the vehicle body. Detail Your Project Wheel Position Sensor (WPS) Understanding vehicle behavior under real...

Wheel Force Sensor

6-Axis Wheel Force Sensor (WFS) Part of the A&D VMS system, the A&D wheel force sensor (WFS) is a high-accuracy, 6-axis wheel force measurement system for real-time measurement of forces (Fx, Fy, Fz) and moments (Mx, My, Mz) acting on the wheel hub under...

Vehicle Measurement System

Vehicle Measurement System (VMS) Vehicle Dynamics Testing A&D Technology’s Vehicle Measurement System (VMS) for vehicle dynamics testing, consists of embedded controllers and high-accuracy sensors acquiring synchronized vehicle dynamics test data under...

Rotational Torque Sensor

Rotational Torque Sensor (RTS) The AD7832 Rotating Torque Sensor (RTS) leverages A&D’s experience in distributed force detection, high-speed telemetry and digital signal processing technology to enable non-contact torque measurement at high-speed with high...

Force Matrix Sensor

Force Matrix Sensor (FMS) Force Matrix Sensor (FMS) offers high-accuracy measurement of the distributed forces of a tire on the road. This measurement includes three component forces: longigtunal, lateral and radial. Detail Your Project Force Matrix Sensor...

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Eddy Current Dyno Controller

A&D's Dual-Loop Dyno Controller

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