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Off-Highway Testing Solutions

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Off-Highway Testing Solutions


If you’re looking to develop technology for off-highway, look no further than A&D Technology. We are a global leader in the development of testing solutions for off-highway vehicles for construction and agriculture. A&D is proud to have partnered with leading companies in this field and has been instrumental in the development of new and emerging technologies through our leading testing solutions.

Whether you’re developing diesel engines or improving battery technology, A&D has all the applicable solutions to customize your complete testing environment. For more information on our testing solutions, please contact us directly. 


Combustion Analysis

Combustion Analysis Software

The Phoenix Combustion Analysis Soft­ware (CAS) provides the ability to config­ure the system hardware based on the specific testing needs of the application.

Combustion Analysis (Portable/In-Vehicle)

The Phoenix C3 is a compact, configurable, combustion analysis system ideally suited for in-vehicle testing, or any application with a low channel count. 

Combustion Analysis (Lab Setting)

The A&D Phoenix combustion analysis product line offers the ideal instruments for optimal engine calibration and can support 48 channels.

Lab Management Tools

LabWorX Suite of products will transform a collection of test systems into one managed lab. 


Real-time Simulation & Control (Lab)

Procyon is a high-speed real-time simulation and control platform, customizable for a diverse range of applications in a Lab Setting.

(Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation)

BMS Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation (HILS) system will help shorten the development cycle of a BMS system.

Real-Time Simulation & Control (Portable)

ADX is a high-speed measurement and control system that can be customized for a wide variety of applications from any testing environment.

ECU & Engine HILS (Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation)

Ideal platform for large-scale HILS systems and integrated HILS systems.

Test Automation & Lab Management

iTest Battery

iTest Battery includes proven drivers for seamless integration with best-in-class testing components, such as power process systems, air coolant systems, battery ECUs (BMS), chiller systems and environmental chambers.

iConnect I/O for Test Automation

Through its state-of-the-art design and open system architecture iConnect delivers high accuracy and stability, along with the ability to adapt to specific testing needs.

Uniplot Reporting

UniPlot is a powerful tool that enables you to visualize and analyze test data. 

Lab Management Tools (LabWorX)

LabWorX Suite of products will transform a collection of test systems into one managed lab.

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Save time & money with A&D's test automation solutions, lab management software, rapid prototyping hardware, and HILS simulation systems for automotive and eMobility testing and development.

We would love to talk to you to learn more about the scope of your test lab application and how we can help.

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