HEV Powertrain Testing


The move to electrified cars will have both dramatic and disruptive consequences to consumers, automakers, battery producers, oil producers, and electric utilities, just to name a few. The change will also create enormous opportunities, including the reduction of CO2 emissions and global warming levels, less dependence on foreign oil, technological independence and the creation of very large, new industries.

Hybrid vehicles are causing the auto industry to change at a faster rate than any other time in history. With the rapid growth of hybrid technologies comes the increased demand for advanced testing and development solutions capable of meeting the unique challenges the vehicle electrification presents.


  • System Design
  • Power Management
  • Battery Technology
  • Operating Conditions
  • Reliability & Robustness
  • Safety & Security

The goal becomes addressing not only these issues, but doing so while still reducing harmful fuel and emissions levels and at the same time maintaining a high standard of driveability.

Click here to see an animation of how a hybrid engine works.

The A&D Solution

A&D Technology provides complete turnkey solutions for HEV applications, including component testing, controls validation, and component performance simulation. These solutions shift component and vehicle integration, optimization and validation activities into an earlier phase of the development process. Our high-quality, flexible tools are ideally suited for HEV powertrain testing.

  • Shorter development time
  • More reliable product
  • Complete integrated test process from a single supplier

A&D incorporates state-of-the-art modeling and rapid prototyping capability, providing a virtual reality for simulating the vehicle dynamics of advanced hybrid electric powertrains. The result is a lower number of prototype units (components, sub-systems or vehicles) required for test.


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