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As concerns for the environmental, economic and political impact of conventional motor fuels grow, there has been increasing focus on the electrification of the transportation industry. Dramatic growth in the adoption and usage of hybrid electric vehicle technology will be seen over the next ten years, both in the United States and worldwide. Advanced batteries are the key technology enablers for the future of vehicle electrification. Though continuous improvement of the powertrain is underway, the main hurdle to widespread acceptance of electric vehicles is the price, performance and durability of the batteries.

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With batteries, manufacturing costs and lifespan are the major issues. Battery life or aging performance is affected by use and calendar time. Use at the extremes of charge is especially detrimental, which is in conflict with good overall range and performance of the vehicle.

Understanding the challenges facing today's battery testing facilities is essential in developing effective tools and control strategies. With the wide range of test equipment in use, communication between devices is difficult, creating a huge need for an integrated test system.

Current solutions, because they are generally quite new, require highly-educated technicians to both run tests and define new ones. The test results are then potentially generated in a different format for each piece of test equipment, and data crunching of raw numbers may be required to fully understand the test results. Above all, safety is a major concern, and test facilities require manned operation in case of faults that required manual shut-down of the test.

The A&D Solution

Lab Systems

A&D Technology can provide a complete turnkey solution for both EV and HEV testing applications, including design, project management, installation, commissioning, and service plans. Our open and flexible systems, complete with data acquisition and control, lab management and distributed I/O, include proven drivers that are compatible with best-in-class third-party testing components, such as power process systems, air coolant systems, battery ECUs and environmental chambers.

Cell Research

A&D's High Precision Current Measuring System is helping labs to reduce both calendar life and additive evaluation testing to as little as two weeks!


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