Test Automation with iTest

Testing applications vary greatly, from simple component testing to complex systems such as e-motor hybrid test stands that include simulation and calibration.  The test automation requirements for these systems also vary. In most cases these systems need to integrate and acquire data from a variety of measurement devices from different vendors, all while following a defined test schedule.

With more than 1000 installations world-wide, iTest has a proven record of robustness and reliability. The full-featured, open architecture system is readily expandable.  Our iTest family of test automation products provide a full range of capabilities, allowing you to purchase just the right solution for your application without having to overbuy.

The iTest family, which includes iTest.Pro, iTest.Standard and iTest.Micro, provides a range of functionality and configurability to fit any application. Because they are all based on the iTest platform, it is an easy transition to go from one to the other, with minimal learning curve, as requirements evolve. Third-party device manufacturers have successfully used iTest to develop controllers, and many automotive OEMs have implemented the system as the basis for their test automation.


iTest.Pro is our full-featured, expandable test automation and control platform for engine and powertrain test bed applications.  With more than 150 available device drivers, iTest.Pro can be completely customized to meet even the most challenging needs, such as test systems running transient test schedules or tests involving simulation.


iTest.LA is a runtime-only package for standard engine applications and includes the AutomationPanel operating interface and FlexEdit workflow editing tool.   This configuration allows some configurability, but customization is limited.


The iTest.Micro platform supports pre-configured “out-of-the-box” solutions that are targeted for test systems running simple, repetitive sequences (e.g. on/off), usually found in component or end-of-line quality testing.